Slingo - Slots and Bingo Mix

For anyone without an idea of what Slingo is all about, it is a hybrid game that features slots and bingo mixed together to form one awesome game. Actually, you can get an idea of this from the name, the SL for slots and the Ingo for bingo. This game is fairly new into the gaming world and was introduced back in 1995. Just like a typical bingo game, Slingo is a multiplayer game but winning relies mostly on the aspect of chance. Just like slots, players spin for numbers and if you are well informed about playing bingo or slots, Slingo will of course be a breeze.

As highlighted here above, playing Slingo is quite easy. If after spinning for numbers on bingo cards you get five numbers appearing and you have them on your card, just mark them off. When playing the game, there are other items which may result in your spin which are not numbers. This not only gives you a bonus but also gives your game a boost such as a Super Joker or a Joker. Some other items that could as well appear are such as free spins, coins, devils which slash your overall score by half as well as clocks.

This game is played on the slot point system whereby every action taken in the game usually equates to a given amount of points. Making bingos or clearing lines will for example award you with staggering 1000 points. Also, if a coin shows up in a spin, you will get 1000 points. The winner of the game is usually the player having the most points and the game comes to an end. Generally, the main object in the game is for the player to mark off completely all the possible numbers within a specified amount of time.

In Slingo, players earn points for marking numbers, clearing lines of numbers as in regular bingo and getting a coin during a spin. If you clear the entire card completely, you will also earn a bonus depending on the number of spins. Hitting a devil leads to a deduction of your points and you will also have to pay for your last four spins as players can only get a maximum of 20 spins. As you can see, Slingo is an awesome and highly interesting game and is now being offered in many online casinos.