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Bingo has proven itself as an easy game which anyone interested can learn and play. Winning in this pretty simple game simply relies on luck as it is a game of chance. But just like every other game out there, bingo has certain terms that are precisely specified to this game which a player should know about before starting to play. Here is a simple explanation of some of these bingo terms.

Bingo versions- the term basically notifies you that there are 2 primary versions of bingo which you should know about to decide on which ones you should play. These include the American bingo version which is based on 75 numbers and then there is the British Bingo version based on 90 numbers. But besides these two versions, there are also others based on regions and other classification.

  • Blackout- this term refers to a bingo game where a player can only win by covering all the numbers present on the tickets/ cards.
  • Chat room- online bingo sites have chat rooms where those playing the game can easily communicate with one another and interact as the game continues. A player types his or her comments in the chat rooms through the screen.
  • Chat room moderator- the term is used in reference to a person presiding over a chat room when bingo is being played and hosts the players. He or she is in charge of all the activities taking place at the room including the behavior and discipline of the players.
  • AutoPlay- This bingo term is used in reference to software feature which plays the game on behalf of the player. This feature usually checks and auto daubs color code and numbers and rearranges the bingo cards or tickets.
  • Card- in the 75 number bingo game, the card serves as a playing grid and it is square in shape and consists of five columns and five rows with each having a letter from the world ‘bingo’. At the middle of ‘N’ column, the card has a free space where the pattern involving it is completed.
  • Progressive jackpot- this term is used in reference to the increasing size of jackpot in a bingo game when there is no winner in the game.
  • Pattern- this term refers to any number, letter or shape that the players form on the middle space of the card. In most cases, the pattern bingo games are more common in the 75 number game versions.