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Although there are lots of players that consider Luck and Bingo Magic to be the losers’ prerogative, as Joseph Conrad once said “It is the mark of an inexperienced man not to believe in luck”, no matter how good your winning strategy is, no player would refuse extra odds provided by Lady Luck. And the Bingo hall is one of the best places where one may find all the possible variants players use to improve their odds.

Bingo Magic: Instincts

Some players believe that the best way to win in a game of Bingo is to trust your instincts at first when buying the Bingo card, and if the game provides choosing the prize, by guessing the envelope off the prize board. Some players blindly trust their instincts, as they consider them as signs from above that can truly tell where the prize is.

Bingo Magic: Lucky Charms

Three out of four people as statistics says, carry lucky charms. Most of them are students of course, who carry special key chains, wear lucky socks or even underwear, or carry lucky charm for the tests, and either because of such phenomenon as luck, or because the presence of an object that is supposed to bring them luck, they feel much more confident, they claim to perform much better. In a Bingo game the lucky charms are to be put on the table right by your cards. One may find a real collection of various objects from troll dolls, four-leaf-clover key chains to rabbit's feet and other stuff, considered to be of magical power.  

Bingo Magic: Lucky Seats

Some players have special places in the Bingo hall that they find lucky because they won a couple of times when sitting there. The confidence this particular seat provides them cannot be replaced by anything else, so be warned not to take their places because then they will sure feel disappointed and won’t let you play, so it’s a good idea to give up such place, because there’s no guarantee it will bring luck to you.

Bingo Magic: Lucky Bucks

Whereas some people do not consider money to be lucky, there are still some who put the money on the table hoping that little money will bring more money.

Bingo Magic: Lucky numbers

Whether it is your day of birth, the number of your house or flat or the age when you met your spouse, practically everybody has its lucky number, especially if you are playing Bingo. Lucky numbers are searched for on the Bingo cards, and once they are there, the card is considered to be a lucky one.

Who Has the Edge in Bingo?

 Firstly, you must understand that Bingo is a game of chance, and the edge of a bingo hall is much larger than that of any other casino. The house edge in Bingo is 40%, so keep in mind that this place is not for gambling, simply follow the advices on picking out the best cards, take your lucky charms and have fun because Bingo is popular for its social atmosphere and for the thrill of being the first one to form a Bingo!