High Stakes Bingo Allowed in California By Swarzenegger

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The Governor of California, Arnold Swarzenegger, has signed the legislation, according to which all the charity and non-profit organizations are allowed to run high-stakes bingo games, however outlawing the non-Indian bingo machines.

According to the new legislation, the high-stakes games may be offered by the Catholic Church and the other charities. Moreover, the simultaneous broadcast will allow lots of players to compete for bigger prizes.

The top limit for the bingo games has been $250 during the last 30 years. However, according to the new legislation, the payouts may be offered equally to 37% of gross revenues, thus the jackpots might raise to the six-figure range. 43% of the revenues will be allocated to the charity that sponsored the organization, and only 20% are allowed to be spent on the organizational costs of the game.

Nevertheless, the electronic bingo machines were still reserved for the Indian tribes, that does not meet with the universal approval because of the fact that they were used as a form of raising funds by charity and non-profit organizations. The last are hoping to receive the right to run this popular method of fund raising in future.