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Bingo games have developed special kind of games that the gathered money from the players go to the charity partially or in full terms. Celebrities are involved in the games as bingo callers in such charity games.

Legendary Bingo is the poplar charity game in Los Angeles that was created by Jeffrey Bowman, who was born in Orange County. This is the longest charity game that was founded in 1988. The charity game had many appraisals since it creation. The reason for the appraisals is the success of the fund rising through the Legendary Bingo charity game. Along with the fund raising success the game also has celebrity callers such as Paris Hilton.

Celebrity Volunteers of Bingo calling

Along with the model and hotel heiress Paris Hilton there are other celebrities that were volunteer bingo callers in the Legendary Bingo game, such as Jane Lynch, Ed Asner, Rachel McAdams, Molly Shannon and number of other celebrities.

The importance of celebrities

Importance of celebrities in bingo Phone casino is so high. The founder of Legendary Bingo, Jeffrey Bowman says that the charity game has gathered over 4 millions of dollars. According to him the success is based on the celebrity people who participated voluntarily as a Bingo callers in the charity game. Along with being a “caller” many celebrities have become regular players of this charity game, for example Tippi Hedren, Lily Tomlin, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others.

Other places of bingo charity games

In some countries the bingo is prohibited and only can be played as a charity game to help to raise money. Charity game can be organized by charity organizations, non-profit companies and at least three years of experience in this filed is a must to organize such bingo charity games. The gathered money in total should be used in scholarships, charity, religious and other charity purposes.

There is only one difference between charity bingo and ordinary bingo games. The charity bingo game gathers money and it would be invested into charity donations, such as for no-profit organizations and many non-profit organizations were developed with the contribution of charity bingo games. Online bingo companies are applying the charity concept in their online clubs, as well.

In Doha, where gambling games like bingo is prohibited, the charity bingo games are organized to raise the fund for charity purposes and many other countries that banned the bingo are opening the gates for charity bingo games.