The Biggest Bingo Winners

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While there is no doubt that the best thing when it comes to playing bingo is the kind of fun and socialization that this game offers, most players are also motivated to play this game for money. Actually, bingo offers an awesome opportunity of reining a huge win that can give your life a dramatic change financial wise. Over the years since bingo was introduced into the world of online gambling, many lucky people from all over the world have ended up scooping huge prizes as they play this game. Online bingo offers an incredible opportunity to pass time but at the same time, you might be the next big thing in the list of big time bingo winners.

Perhaps you have heard about John Orchard, a 60 year old man from Lincolnshire. An avid online bingo player, he placed a 30 p worthy bet in December 2012 and ended up winning £5.9 million in cash money. The story goes that John was playing his favorite bingo game in one of those Dark Knight themed slot games. With his win, he was recognized as the biggest online bingo winner ever to date. After collecting his prize, the grandfather of three immediately changed his old Renault Clio car and bought a new Jaguar XF model for £ 40, 000. Then, he gave his family a treat to a memorable vacation in Center Parcs.

Mr. Orchard broke the 2009 bingo winning record that was set by a Greek bingo player who was simply known as Georgios M. In that year, he won £5.1 million and set a new record for that year. Meanwhile, another bingo player from Lanark shire by the name of Soraya Lowell scooped a staggering £1.2 million bingo win in 2008 after trying her luck in bingo best UK casino. Another equally exciting story of some of the biggest bingo winners is that of an Oxford shire native by the name Lisa Potter. She won £1.3 million last year as she played online bingo as her partner watched the footy.

A mother of three, Lisa claimed that the huge prize came as a shock to her after she placed a bet of only £5. She revealed that her plans of spending the money was first to take her lovely family for a luxurious holiday vacation after she treated herself with a house and a new car. With all these success stories, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try your hand at bingo because you might never know what awaits you.