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In the nearest future as it was promised, the game of Bingo will be offered to all the passengers of some of the largest airlines. Actually the game of Bingo is not the only one offered during the flight, the airlines offer lots of other mid-air games, traditional movies and audio entertainment.

Some of the airlines are now providing their own game portals offering a wide variety of games including bingo, poker, roulette, blackjack, slots and craps. Though some of the games have been already provided, there was no opportunity to place bets. With this option many players that hate boring hours of the flight will spend lots of wonderful hours gambling and are sure to continue visiting real or online Bingo halls after landing.

It is worth mentioning that gambling will not be offered on the in and out of America. Moreover, the airlines are due to set limits to prevent for example first class passengers from losing more than a couple of hundreds of pounds on one flight. Economy and business class gambling halls will set even lower limits for onboard gambling.