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According to the historical sources, the games begins it’s history in the end of 16th century and takes its roots from the gambling game called Lotto d’Italia. Since that times the gambling entertainment was controlled by the state authorities and added great some of money to countries’ treasuries.

The modern game of the Bingo is very similar to the original bingo game. It would be interesting to know that bingo game is now considered as not only a gambling game, but also a game which is played for charity, which means that players buy tickets, but do not receive the money reward.

Becoming Popular

As we have already mentioned, the game started to develop in Italy. In France this game also won hearts of the French intelligentsia and game became popular there as well. Some changes in the game play and rules were introduces although. The chips were used instead of the balls in the French variant of the game and the card also were different from those used in the Italian version. The images in the French bingo were only the horizontal lines.

In 1929 the game was brought from Germany to the US. Bigno was then called the “Beano” because players used beans in order to cover the numbers at the tickets. Back then the patterns of vertical or diagonal stripes were used again making the game close to its modern version.

Bingo in USA

Once, Edwin Lowe saw the game with his fellows and he liked it so much, that he had literally became a person due to whom this game became so popular. During one of the games he hold, one of the ladies completed the pattern and instead of shouting out “Beano” cause it was the name of the game, the woman screamed out “Bingo” and Lowe took this newly created word to call this game in the USA.

As the game have got more and more admirers, and people required some more fun playing bingo, Edwin Lowe has got a hard job of producing the bingo brochure and random tickets, and asked Carl Leffler, an elderly professor of maths, to design 6,000 game cards that could be used during the games. Alas, the job turned out to be too hard and drove him insane. This is the legend, but who knows, maybe there is some truth in it? 

Today we may say that Bingo underwent many challenges along with the professional blackjack and roulette wheel games that were forbidden at different times. According to the modern regulation, online gambling allows almost all the players enjoy this game over the Internet. However, we recommend you to study more about legal gambling and law that regulates gambling activities in different countries.