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The term ‘Hall of fame’ is associated with a list of undisputed champions in a specific area from the past. Such could be world renowned footballers, famous footballers or illustrious wrestlers. The point here is that they can be from any kind of field you might think about ranging from music to movies and so on. By the virtue of their great skills, they are entered in a hallowed real of immortals. Most online bingo sites today have introduced the bingo hall of fame as a way of identifying and honoring highest ranking bingo gamers at their site.

Some Bingo hall of fames list names of people anonymously especially those who want their identity to be concealed from the public. The ranking of the names on the list varies from one site to another but for most of them; the ones high on the list are those who have won the biggest jackpots. The hall of fames in most sites is venerable and features an honorable leader board of great gamers and stretches back many years from the site started. Just as you would expect, most sites only list the big winners in their hall of fame.

For you to appear on this list, it goes without saying that your hand must have a lot of luck as not many of the so called bingo fans make it to this hallowed board. Some sites will even have a certain amount of win that any player must have in order to be displayed on their board. A new trend in bingo hall of fame today involves publishing interviews for people listed on the board. As such, even those names with a bizarre sound get humanized and anyone can really believe that someone who is real did actually win the money.

A bingo hall of fame could have the photos of those listed displayed but their actual names remain a mystery forever unless it is the site’s policy to display the names. Some sites do not just limit the names of those appearing on the hall of fame to big winners only from tournament. However, they will also list lifelong bingo players and a short biography listed as well. Something else worthy noting is that the ranking of names on the board could be changed from time to time even though big winners remain listed on the board forever.