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It goes without saying that bingo game is one of the most played at online casinos. Many people go there just to enjoy this game, and it is quite obvious that halls that offer bingo game only appeared. There you can play any of bingo games chatting with other visitors and enjoying bingo games even more.

One of the reasons this game is so popular is that its rules are very simple, and cannot be even compated to general blackjack rules or poker complicated variants of game moves, bingo is very simple to understand and play.

In order to understand how to play bingo it is enough to open any of thegambling directory and you will find all the information that may be necessary for you during you game. Probably one of the most important things you need to know is bingo patterns. Below you will find the most popular of them that are usually offered in all games.

Playing at online casino you will always have a tip on what pattern you need to create, but at traditional casinos it is always some kind of challenge.

Types of Patterns Explained

Standard pictures - the pictures which are static and may not be displaced on the card of the game.

Crazy patterns - patterns that should be spun for a certain degree to be winning.

Wild patterns - these patterns are not fixed that cannot change the shape, but may be placed anywhere on the card.

Furthermore,  there are few more patterns that can be used in different casinos: Frame, Railroad tracks , Double, Clover leaf, Triple stamps, Four corners, etc.

Four corners - all the corners of the card are covered with winning numbers.

Kite - a pattern in a shape of a 2x2 square placed in two opposite corners of the card.

Frame - outward picture frame is one line that covers all the squares close to the border of card.

Railroad tracks - contains two parallel lines on the 2nd and 4th line.

Double and Triple stamps - two or three squares sized 2x2 placed at the corners of the cards.

Clover leaf - consists of 4 figures sized 2x2 that cover all the nooks of the Bingo card.

You should also keep in mind that in different online casinos may offer you absolutely new patters that may be unknown for you. This is one more reason to check out the rules of each particular game you play.